Fairhope Fitness is staffed by some of the top trainers and instructors in the Fairhope Area.

Meet Jeremy Lee. His desire to be a part of his clients' success is what brought him into the personal training field and ultimately led him to open Fairhope Fitness.  He has been ACE certified since 2007 and is also a certified spin instructor, Yogafit instructor, and emergency first response instructor.  But don't worry, he won't send you home in an ambulance.  Backcountry endurance training such as high-altitude climbing, hunting, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding not only keep him in shape for the snow-capped mountains, but they also prepare his clients for those winter wonderland getaways.  When we can pry Jeremy off the snowy peaks of Montana, he spends time running a charter boat business.  From the mountain tops to the ocean floor, this co-owner of Fairhope Fitness works hard to make this gym suit everyone's needs!

Eddie Henry. Entrepreneur, author, founder and owner of Results Fitness & Fairhope Fitness. He says his goal is to promote a more active community. Whether it be by opening new fitness facilities, increasing involvement in annual charity runs or simply creating opportunities for optimal health through locality, his passion for an active lifestyle is close to his heart. Annually, Eddie will explore foreign soil to surf, mountain bike, kayak or investigate, first hand just how natives in different parts of the world stay active. He says his passion for outdoor adventure travel began in 1999 during his first trip to Costa Rica with friends. Personal training began prior to that for him though. Eddie’s been training since college in 1997 where he earned a BS in Business Administration. He is also an ACE certified personal trainer, an ISSA Performance Nutritionist Specialist, a GMP Longevity/Wellness Specialist, and continues to pursue longevity education. Eddie splits his time between training his clients in Fairhope and Gulf Shores. As if that weren't enough, his second training manual, The Secrets of Lean and Mean, was just published. Call the gym or stop by and see him in person to purchase your copy today!

Jenn Baumeister.  Jenn has been training clients since 1999. What began as a job in college fueled by a life-long love for sport and exercise has morphed into a career as an ACE certified personal trainer and wellness expert. Jenn earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Florida in Sports Medicine. Upon graduation, she moved to Troy and obtained a Master of Science in Sport and Fitness Management from Troy University. She then moved to the Gulf Coast in 2004, managing a small fitness facility while simultaneously teaching distance learning classes for the Kinesiology and Health Promotions Department at Troy University. A short time later, she transitioned into an independent personal trainer at Results Gym in Gulf Shores. Jenn would eventually advance to a dual manager for both Results Gym and Fairhope Fitness until SpecTRIM Wellness was born in 2017. During her many years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Jenn has seen a demographic of individuals who either don’t have time in their busy lives to exercise or simply cannot justify the expense that comes with having a full time personal trainer. She passionately believes that EVERYONE needs wellness in their life and insists she can fit it into anyone’s schedule or budget. They simply need the right tools. Jenn credits many wonderful people in her life as mentors and her mom as her hero. She is the owner and founder of SpecTRIM Wellness and currently resides in Foley, AL with her husband and son.                                   


Sara Sears. Training and staying active has been a personal lifestyle for as long as Sara can remember. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and one of our cycling instructor subs. It seemed only natural to Sara that she major in Fitness and Health Promotion (minoring in nutrition) in college. She was also a standout volleyball player for her alma mater, Samford University. Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and gentle nature, she means business when it comes to your workout! While she really enjoys coaching athletes and pushing them to their full potential, Sara genuinely cares about her client’s goals and feels that being exposed to a broad demographic of individuals will only make her a stronger trainer. She has come to love the different aspects of training children, seniors and those with special needs. Sara has also (successfully) competed in bikini fitness competitions and enjoys the intense training it takes to help her take the "W" on stage. Whether you need to increase  your vertical or just remain vertical, call Sara and she will get you on your way!

Shelly Hendryx. Namaste! Shelly teaches our Wednesday and Friday (9:30am) yoga classes as well as Wednesday (6am) cycling class. She also leads our Saturday (9am) cycling/yoga combo class. She has been teaching since 1999 and has also worked as an AFAA certified personal trainer and a certified kickboxing instructor. Although she spent time during her fitness career in Beaver Creek, Colorado and Atlanta, GA, we’re glad Shelly now calls Fairhope Fitness home. On the bike, Shelly likes to rock out while taking you through a series of hills, sprints and jumps and if you come to her yoga class, be prepared to work as her class encompasses Hatha styles of yoga in a “warm” setting. She will lead you through power yoga poses and leave you feeling balanced, strong and SWEATY!! Best of all? All of her classes are included with a full membership so pop into one of them and see the instructor and classes that all our members are raving about!

Meet Allison Mickler.  Health and fitness has always been her passion.  Riding and competing horses through high school, she learned to appreciate the importance of a balanced diet for optimal athletic performance.  She then attended Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, where she earned her BS in Business Administration.  After moving home to Fairhope, she became certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and she also became certified as a Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  Overall wellness and happiness are Allison's main goals with clients, whether that means weight loss, toning up, good quality sleep, or even higher energy levels throughout the day.  Always walking the talk, she is constantly trying out new healthy recipes, diet plans, workouts, and wellness routines to become the healthiest version of herself.  She also recently founded Inside Out Wellness with Allison - check out her website at, and see what she's all about!

Meet Mallory Mozley.
 After loosing 180lb's, Mallory has devoted herself to a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others along their fitness journey. With a passion for indoor cycling she realized that she could motivate and inspire others as a spin instructor. As a certified advanced indoor cyclist trainer, Mallory will challenge you at the flywheel. Plan to get a full body workout when you take Mallory’s 50 minute cycling class as she focuses on working every part of the body. Tone, burn and stretch are the 3 core principles to her class! Get ready to feel the heat with her upbeat jams that will keep you motivated and moving the entire time. Mallory says ‘no experience is required-only come with a willingness to become the best you'.


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› Improve cardiovascular and muscular strength
› Increase balance and flexibility
› Control Weight
› Reduce Stress
› Improve daily function and quality of life

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